Saturday Morning Investment Tour
Investing in the Lehigh Valley 
Considering Investing in Real Estate?
In a perfect world.
You’d be driven around with a group of local investors and private lenders that know how to find, evaluate and complete property investments profitably.  They would walk through the prospective properties with you, pointing out the best improvements to make, how to do them and how much it will cost.  They would show you why some properties are a “No Go” from the start, and why others have hidden profit potential missed by amateurs.  Then you’d sit down among the group and openly discuss and evaluate if any of those properties makes sense by running numbers, and watch as they graciously abide by gentleman's agreement among them to takes turns at the good deals they find together and counsel each other on.
While it may not be perfect, (nothing is) it does exist. And here in the Lehigh Valley, it has been going on every Saturday morning for the past 10 years.

Saturday Morning Investment Tour

Come and join the longest running professional investment mentoring group in the Lehigh Valley. There is no fee to attend.  Meet and mingle with local, experienced investors, private lenders, property managers and contractors as we tour the newest investment properties that have just hit the market.  This "no pressure" environment is ideal for new and novice investors to learn under the watch of seasoned pros. Ask and observe your way to the knowledge needed to build wealth in real estate.  
The De-Breifing:  after the tour, the group gathers for an informal discussion of the candidate investments.  A direct, no nonsense evaluation of estimated costs, strategy and attributes of each property are reviewed.  See how the successful investors do it.
This system has propelled countless Lehigh Valley investors, private lenders and service providers to success.    The organizers have trained some of the most talented and capable real estate professionals in the Lehigh Valley and continue a long running tradition of honest, direct advice and guidence to meet an investors goals.
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